Azure Updates

New – Azure Advisor, Azure Backup

Wow! I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks and I missed posting. This is no good… especially with all the new stuff announced this week! There’s sometimes lulls in new stuff (at least, that I care about), but this week has been full of cool and exicting features Native VMWare Backup with Azure Backup […]

Application Resiliency Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

Application Resiliency

Where I work, we currently use a third party SSO provider to access most of the day-to-day applications we use. When I went this morning to log my hours for the week, I got a Server 500 error! Unfortunately, the cloud SSO provider was offline. This, it turns out, was due to an AWS failure […]

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity with Azure

What’s your current backup solution? What would happen if your datacenter burned down this weekend? What would happen if a junior administrator accidentally deletes a production SQL database or server? I’ve been asked to do a webinar describing the features that Microsoft Azure provides for backup and recovery, so I started thinking about the state […]