Three Ways to Speed Up WordPress in Azure – Part 1

When I¬†initially set up my blog, I had very little idea what I was doing. I’d heard of WordPress and Project Nami, and decided that it would be cool to run a fully PaaS website in Azure. I knew I wanted a performant website – if it’s slow, there’s penalization in SEO. Plus, everyone reads … [Read more…]

Should you Domain Join Azure VMs?

Recently, I spotted this question on Reddit: This is a good question – it indicates that the poster is realizing that the public cloud is a different place than on premises! There’s three things to address: What does the Pets vs Cattle mean? Does the pets vs cattle concept mean you need to change how … [Read more…]

Ignite 2017 Roundup

As the title says – this is my shortlist of the important stuff discussed and announced at Ignite. I hope to follow up on some of these subjects with a deep dive. Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t able to attend Ignite in person, so I didn’t have the opportunity to talk with the Microsoft representatives … [Read more…]

Azure Managed Disks 2 – Conversion

In my last post, I discussed the advantages of Azure Managed Disks and briefly mentioned that it is possible to convert from Storage Account to Managed Disks, but made no reference as to how this was achieved. Advantages to converting to Managed Disks include: Improved Availability Improved Management Ability to switch from Premium to Standard, … [Read more…]